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Alsayh announces preparations for referendum process on Constitution

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A press conference was held on Thursday morning at the headquarters of the High Electoral Commission in Tripol on the most prominent points of preparations and updates on the referendum on the permanent constitution of the country.

This comes after the receipt of the Commission formally Law No. (6) on the referendum on the Constitution. It was held in the presence of the President of the Board of Commission, Imad Alsayh, on the international organizations supporting the elections in Libya.

Alsayh said that at the beginning of the conference, the referendum law, which was received on 29 November, contains 45 articles, interspersed with a number of strengths and weaknesses. He added that the Commission will put it into effect after reviewing some articles, including the participation of judicial bodies. He has given these bodies an executive and oversight role, stressing that the Commission has continued with the Supreme Council of the judiciary to coordinate between the two institutions as soon as possible.

He added that the Commission had announced four conditions for the implementation of any electoral entitlement: the political agreement, the issuance of an electoral law, the existence of a budget for funding, and the insurance process.

As for the financing process, the Commission has addressed the Presidential Council to allocate 40 million Libyan dinars to cover the electoral process. The process of referendum on the constitution needs to the largest statistical process during the counting process, and identify the articles that were challenged in the case of rejection of the constitution. It needs technical staff, procedures and equipment to implement these statistics, and therefore it needs appropriate financial coverage. He stressed the importance of the security aspect and secure the headquarters of UNHCR and its staff and offices throughout the country and that the commission will not take one step without it.

The referendum has been set in accordance with a two-way law enforcement strategy (implementation and implementation) that will be completed when UNHCR is satisfied that the four conditions for implementation are met at a high rate. The process will then be announced in the first half of January, February of the same year, and will be finalized with the House of Representatives on a deadline.

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