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Al-Lafi: The first step towards the national reconciliation has ended

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

Member of the Presidential Council Abdullah Al-Lafi and the African Union envoy, Mohamed Al-Hassan held a press conference in Tripoli on Thursday, at the end of the preparatory forum for reconciliation.

Al-Lafi said that the preparatory forum for reconciliation does not contain decisions, but rather proposals to reach the inclusive reconciliation conference within two or three months.

He indicated that the first step towards the national reconciliation project has ended, adding that all Libyans were convinced that the solution is in their hands, and that all Libyan officials are clinging to power and the inclusive conference for national reconciliation is a fast way to holding elections.

For his part, the African Union envoy said that the way has now been opened towards the inter-Libyan conference, praising all participants in the forum for their spirit of tolerance.

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