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A number of mayors rejected the support of some members of House of Representatives to centralization

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tobruk

The head of the Steering Council of the municipality of Tobruk, Faraj Abu Al-Khattabiya, said, on behalf of a number of mayors of Libyan municipalities, that they reject the support of some members of House of Representatives to centralization.

“We were surprised by a shameful proposal from some members of parliament with narrow and personal interests to support centralization. We hoped that we would have not seen this in light of the tragedies that afflict the country.” Abu Al-Khattabiya said.

He explained that centralization is the cause of Libyan instability, and instead of working to formulate a system that guarantees people’s rights, spreads development at a horizontal level and fulfills the desires and aspirations of the people, some members of parliament showed support to the centralization.

He warned the members of any attempts to disrupt the government’s work to transfer some local powers from the government to the municipal councils, confirming that they will take measures to stop what he called the “farce”

Abu Al-Khattabiya concluded that they are ready to sit with members of parliament to explain the government’s decentralization efforts.

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