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25 mayors call for parliamentary elections

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

The mayors of 25 municipalities issued a statement on Thursday in Tripoli to call for parliamentary elections on the basis of the constitutional declaration and the previous election law, no later than February 2021.

The mayors called in their statement on the Presidential Council to provide the required material support to hold the parliamentary elections on time, holding the UN Mission in Libya fully responsible for these elections, by ensuring international monitoring to make the elections successful.

They said that the next elected parliament must exercise its duties for a period of two years, which cannot be extended under any pretext.

The municipalities are: Tripoli Center, Souk Al-Juma, Hay Al-Andalus, Zawiya, Zintan, Zliten, Al-Khums, Misrata, Qasr Al-Khayar, Tarhuna, Msallata, Abu Salim, Nalut, Ain Zara, Janzour, Ghadames, Wadi Al-Bawanis, Traghan, Ubari, Sharqia, Gharyan, Zahir al-Jabal, al-Sawani, Mazda, al-Maya.

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