Medical Laboratory Syndicate holds a scientific symposium on cancer

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The Libyan Medical Laboratory Syndicate held on Monday a scientific symposium on cancer causes, repercussions, methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention, in the presence of the former Minister of Health of the Government of National Accord, the National Center for Standardization, the Customs Department, the Municipal Guard, the Food and Drug Control Center and the Ministry of Agriculture, in addition to doctors and specialists in this field. The symposium program included a visual presentation of the opinions of some specialists, and a collection of some scientific papers on the history of cancer in Libya.
The symposium highlighted the role of the National Center for Standardization in protecting the health and safety of the consumer; the danger of agricultural pesticides and their rationalization; and the effect of environmental pollution on the spread of cancer.
The symposium also shed light on the role of Food and Drug Control Center in curbing the spread of carcinogens and its role in detecting chemicals, contaminants and additives in foodstuffs and cancer-causing infections.
The participants in the symposium also commended the role of the center in adopting a national strategy for the prevention and control of cancer.

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