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The Janzur Shelter Center receives 550 migrants

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The Janzur shelter received about 550 migrants who had escaped from the airport accommodation center due to the clashes. This number is larger than the original number of the center and exceeds its capacity.

Since the beginning of the violent clashes in Tripoli, a number of migrants have been transferred from the Ain Zara shelter and the Al-Khaila shelter center to keep them away from the fire by the efforts of the Crisis Committee formed by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior for Immigration Affairs.

The migrants from these centers were transferred to the center of the airport road behind the oil tanks. But later, the clashes reached the new area and according to the account of some migrants interviewed by #Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency in the center panic broke out among the migrants located at the airport terminal. They removed the doors and they walked in groups for more than four hours, some of them with bruises and some fractures as a result of jumping from the fence and unable to walk, especially when the sound of the shells covered the sky above them.

Some arrived in the area of the Crimea, where some residents kept them in a farm until they were received by the illegal immigration control. Others were detained at the camp on 7 April in Swani, and all were transferred to the Janzur shelter on Tuesday night and Wednesday night. This made them declare a state of emergency and alert and call the entire staff of the center officers, staff and personnel, according to the President of the Center and some of the officers of the ranks.

It is noteworthy that the center suffers from a lack of possibilities and complain about the lack of cooperation on the part of international organizations to provide him with the necessary food and cleaning supplies and mother and child care and mattresses and medicines and others to overcome this crisis based on telephone agreements with them.

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