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Red Crescent Tukra Branch Celebrates International Day of Migrants

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The Libyan Red Crescent of Tukra celebrated the International Day of Migrants, which was adopted by the United Nations in 2000 to highlight the growing numbers of migrants around the world.

The Director of the Office of Health and Psychological Support of the Libyan Red Crescent branch of the Toka, Raeika, said that they celebrated the International Day of Migration within the Center for sheltering the coast of irregular immigration, with entertainment and sports programs for guests of the center and also give lectures on the side of psychological support.

Raeika added that a football match between the team of migrants and Red Crescent team Tokara branch exceeded the migrant team.

The head of the unit of accommodation and deportation of the Office of the illegal migration of the pilot, Bakkar told #Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency that in coordination with the Libyan Red Crescent and the branch of Tukra examinations of all migrants in the Center were concluded.

Bakkar pointed out the migrants at the shelter came from Chad, Mali and Sudan. They had left their countries to escape the war, violence and persecution, and that the main reason for their migration is their human aspirations for dignity, security and a better future.

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