Migration and Human Rights

Passenger lounge for irregular migrants opened inside the Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

The Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency opened the first passenger lounge for irregular migrants to facilitate procedures for the voluntary return program.

The Minister of Interior Khaled Mazen said that the ministry is developing new strategies about how to deal with migrants, as well as improving their conditions while they were inside the Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency.

He added that the opening of passenger lounge inside the Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency aims to improve conditions for these migrants, who hope to reach their aspirations for a good life outside their countries. 

He explained that the ministry supports any regional or international efforts to stop the flow of migrants to Europe, provided that it is not at the expense of the Libyan state, praising the efforts of the Ministry of Interior concerned with dealing with migrants until their procedures are completed for their safe return to their countries.

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