Migration and Human Rights

Irregular migrants and refugees are protesting outside UNHCR office in Tripoli

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Janzour

More than 4000 irregular migrants and refugees have been protesting outside the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office in Janzour, Tripoli, for 15 days now.

The migrants and refugees of all age groups are from Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, and Nigeria, in addition to other nationalities. They demand the UNHCR to evacuate them from Libya or return them to their countries.

One of the refugees from Sudan told the Libyan Cloud News Agency that he had entered the Libyan territory in an irregular manner to escape the difficult conditions in his country. He said that he was among the groups that were raided and arrested in Gargaresh area in Tripoli, adding that the UNHCR has not opened its doors to the refugees and did not listen to their demands.

He stated that the UNHCR suspended its work until further notice, confirming that the conditions of all migrants and refugees are very bad as they sleep on the street with no help from any organization or society, but only small aid from ordinary Libyan citizens.

The migrants and refugees demanded the United Nations, the High Commissioner for Refugees and the Libyan government to take measures to deport them voluntarily or to return them to their countries, and to release those who are in prison.

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