Migration and Human Rights

Ajdabiya Operations Room receives 16 irregular immigrants from the Fourth Secret Oasis

#Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency – Ajdabia.

The Ajdabiya and Central Security Operations Room of the General Command of the Army received 16 irregular migrants who were arrested by the Fourth Secret Oasis.

A secret soldier said the Libyan army’s fourth company was able to patrol the southern gate of Jalu in the early hours of Friday morning by setting up two Toyota vehicles carrying 16 irregular immigrants.

The soldier added the immigrants were Chadian and Sudanese nationals fleeing from the south and carrying loads of gold with them and empty gallons in their car trunk. They came to Jalu where the joint force Ajdabia was informed. He pointed out that secrecy is taking place regularly around the oasis, especially in this period because of the presence of fugitives from violators of the law in the south-west.

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