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Suction of ponds and wetlands in Ain Zara area, Tripoli

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Due to heavy rainfall in a few hours and due to poor infrastructure, a number of ponds and marshes were created in the Ain Zara area.

The marshes block traffic every rainy season. The marshes remain for several days and are further deepened by the erosion of more land. In order to alleviate the suffering of people living in the area, the Water and Sanitation Company is drying the marshes. With a truck of the capacity of thousand liters of water in one shift, it takes one day until the swamp is completely dried.

According to one of the employees of the company, Mohammed Sweid, the company also suffers from the weakness of the possibilities and irregular salaries of employees, but it still continues its tasks to facilitate the movement of citizens.

Water desalination remains an immediate solution, although it is frequently resorted to, and radical solutions such as improving infrastructure and utilities, upgrading water and sanitation systems, and paving roads are still an urgent requirement for the people of the region and passing through their roads.

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