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Scientific day on breast cancer

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October is the month dedicated to the topic of breast cancer. The Libyan Union for Cancer control therefore organized a scientific day on breast cancer. The day was supported by the new Jasmine clinic.

The program included a number of speeches, a scientific lecture by Dr. Noureddine Oreibi and a lecture on the role of medical imaging in early diagnosis of breast cancer. Dr. Munira Al-Daghri delivered a lecture on the project of early detection of breast cancer.

Dr. Munira Al-Daghri, member of the Libyan Union for Cancer Control, the Ministry of Health and the authorities called for the provision of films for the mammogram. Four advanced devices are available in four clinics equipped for early detection of breast cancer.

The absence of mammogram films impede the work, and stated that the campaign to raise awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer will continue in Tripoli and the rest of the Libyan cities until December.

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