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Reviving World AIDS Day in Tripoli

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The National Center for Disease Control celebrated the World AIDS Day on Saturday, December 1st.

The celebrations were held in cooperation with the Association of Goodwill and the National Program to Fight AIDS. Representatives of the Ministry of Health and the President of the National Center for Disease Control, doctors and specialists and interested in this regard attended the event.

The program included speeches, scientific papers, statistics and indicators on the strategy of the National Center in the fight against the disease.

“The purpose of this celebration is to sensitize people to the seriousness of this disease and to make them aware of the ways of transmission so that we can reach and educate the youth and the most vulnerable to this disease, because the prevention of this disease is the most important thing in this national program”, Al Najjar said. He added that that the disease, increased by 28% in comparison to 2010.

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