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Rainwater crisis for the shops and houses of the Jamaa Alsaqaa in Tripoli

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The Mosque of Al-Suqaa is a self-cleaning campaign to remove mud and refuse from the sides of the roads and transport it by car, vacuuming the water in the basements of homes and shops, and offering furniture, blankets and fabrics for drying in front of stores.

One of the shop owners said that the level of black water left an impact on the walls and amounted to more than half a meter: “Thank God that the water did not reach the outlets and sockets on the walls of electricity that could cause a humanitarian disaster”, he explained and added that the water stayed for four days after the rainfalls. The damages cost 2500 – 3000LYD. 25 to 30 houses and shops are affected.

Residents and owners of the shops complained that officials did not visit them or stand with them and that they didn’t even get moral support to overcome the crisis or call them to discuss solutions.

Shop owners also complained of having to re-launder fabrics, bedding, curtains and blankets, losing more than half of their value, not to mention goods that are basically damaged and can not be treated and losses exceeding hundreds of thousands of dinars.

The amount of rain that fell last Wednesday according to meteorology: Tripoli, the center 83.6mm – Tripoli port 53.5mm – Al-Jomah market 73mm – Maitiga International Airport 48.5mm – Tajura 25mm – Al-Badri plateau 41mm.

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