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Preparations of the Christian community in Tripoli for holidays

Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency – Tripoli.

Despite the difficult conditions in Libya, the foreign communities that chose to remain have absolute freedom to practice their customs, and rituals. They mostly work in the health, oil or free and seasonal sectors.

Father George of the Church of St. Francis said that Friday is dedicated to prayer in the church as a weekly holiday in Libya, where the worshipers are divided into two groups: the first is the Filipino community and then the African community with groups of Pakistani and Indian nationality.

He thanked the authorities for securing the church and provide an atmosphere for Christians to worship and pray quietly and safely. He added that the church is preparing to hold the celebrations of Christmas, which is on the twenty-fifth of this month.

As the world celebrates World Migrant Day, all the Christian communities in Tripoli met in the church last Friday, corresponding to the 14th of this month, on the occasion of the candle festival, where several distinctive fashion bands returned to perform their special songs for this holiday. The children received their share of gifts, balloons and sweets. Candles were lit and a liturgy was read in the presence of all church officials from monks and nuns.

The most numerous and powerful African community is present in church festivals and ceremonies in a way that offers another face to the lives of African migrants in countries with more migrations to use as a country for transit to Europe.

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