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Free courses for displaced students in Tajoura

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The Directorate of the Bab Tajoura School for Basic Education organized the initiative of “Knowledge for Training and Development”. It by provides free courses out of the curriculum in solidarity with students who were displaced from their areas due to the armed clashes south of Tripoli. As a consequent, they were not able to complete their lessons. “The idea of free lessons for displaced students was appreciated and accepted by the school administration and the supervisor of education, and we started to implement them by organizing classes and providing stationery for the students. We exceeded 85 students during the various academic years”, said Asma al-Qamati, head of the organization’s board of directors. Students of the third grade until the secondary certificate were trained. A group of teachers and students of some faculties such as pharmacy, engineering and others cooperated with the organizers and provided lessons and explained to them in addition to supervision and follow-up of students. All these works are offered free of charge to the children – including lectures to provide psychological support to displaced families by specialists. The Directorate is affiliated with the Education of the Municipality of Souk Al Jumah in Tripoli.

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