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700 displaced families in Tajoura waiting for government aid

#Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency – Tripoli.

A member of the municipal council of Tajoura Osama Marwan, said that the municipality of Tajoura received 1300 families. These families were displaced due to the clashes in the South of Tripoli between the outbreak and April 20th. 600 families could be housed. Marwan called on the Government of National Accord to provide urgent assistance to the municipality of Tajoura to enable it to host and shelter displaced people. The number of displaced people is increasing daily. Some parts of the municipal areas such as the Western Valley have been completely abandoned by the war.

According to statistics provided by Marwan: The number of displaced families reached 1300 families. Number of infants: 120 infants (some born in the period of mother’s migration). Number of patients: 1170 patients with different diseases. Number of widows and divorced women: 173 widows and divorced women. Hosting Centers: February 17 Hotel – Tourist Village – Al-Hamam Al-Kubriti – Trailers Factory – Houses and restrooms of the good people of Tajoura. Name of supporters: Tajora and business people – Libyan Red Crescent Society – International Red Cross – Commission of Scouts and Guides – Al Ahly Club – Some local charitable organizations.

The absence of official institutions and officials responsible for providing support and visits to displaced persons was repeated at every outbreak of war The council member appealed to the government to support them so that they can provide accommodation, shelter and treatment services for the displaced. He pointed out that the crisis committee formed by the Presidential Council has not yet reached them and has not provided any support to them.

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