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38 displaced families in Farnaj

#Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency – Tripoli.

Mukhtar Mahalla al-Farnaj said that the people of the area called to help the people displaced due to the clashes in Ain Zara and Wadi al-Rabee’a. Al-Farnaj established a committee headed by himself. Initially, the school was allocated to shelter the displaced people. The school currently has 38 families and the number is growing daily. In the absence of official institutions the people provided the school with food and other help. In addition, a team of the International Medical Corps is present every day to provide health care to the families, especially since there is a patient with a benign tumor. The patient was transferred daily to the Tripoli Medical Center for treatment. The same for diabetic cases, including a child who is currently injured by the clashes. The Scouts and their leaders of Tripoli provide reception and accommodation services in cooperation with the parents as well as a number of civilian activists to provide recreational programs and psychological support for children and displaced families.

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