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Wastewater rash threatens an environmental in Mahdia district in Sabha

#Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency – Sabha.

The level of sewage rash in the streets of Mahdia in the city of Sabha has increased this week after the total stop of the main station in raising the sewage water to the outside of the city.

Ali al-Qaidi, Mukhtar Mahalla Mahdia told #Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency that the problem of sanitation in Mahdia district is not born of the moment but it has been going on for some time. He said that it has to various authorities in the State without any response. It would reach soon reach the level an environmental disaster, he said.

The professional bodies would have to take responsibility of the results. He added: That the main problem lied in the insurance because the water and sanitation company is trying to repair what can be repaired, but the relevant authorities did not appeal correctly. He pointed out: “All leaders know the presence of the armed forces in the city of Sabha and the south and we continued with them and was assigned a force to secure the region. We have been suffering from this crisis for two years and the current sewage rash is the result of deliberate sabotage by criminals.

As a result, sewage has come out of the houses, with children suffering in schools and hospitals, and we appeal for a last time to the council,” said the resident Abdel Salam Youssef.

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