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The launch of the national vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

The Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Dabaiba, inaugurated on Saturday the national vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus.

The Prime Minister, accompanied by the Minister of Health, received the first doses of the vaccine, in the presence of the Director of the National Center for Disease Control, Badr Al-Din Al-Najjar, and a number of managers and officials of the Ministry of Health.

Al-Najjar said in a press conference that the vaccines are ready to be given to the target groups, confirming that the vaccines will arrive successively. He called on all citizens to register in the electronic system for the vaccine, explaining that the vaccine will be distributed to all vaccination centers in cities in Libya.

Al-Najjar added that the vaccines are sufficient for all Libyans and foreigners and stated that there will be a medical team whose job is to follow up all citizens who got the vaccine to monitor any symptoms that may appear on them.

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