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Temporary health committee inspects health facilities in Tabruk

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A committee of the Ministry of Health in the interim government headed by Director General of Administrative Affairs and Services at the Diwan of the Ministry, Abdul Wahab Bouchouq, Director General of Finance Alaa Aoun, Director of the Office of the Public Prosecutor Tariq Nouh and Director of Project Management Salem Omar, monitors the progress of work according to the strategy prepared by the ministry.

The committee attended the municipality of Tobruk, where they were received by the Director of the Department of Health Services in the municipality, Abdel-Moneim Swaker, to see the functioning of the Department of Health Services in accordance with the strategy prepared by the Ministry and what was accomplished in three quarters of the year.

The committee informed the clinics of the Department of Health Services, Al-Manarah Hospital, Al-Mukhtar Clinics, and Jihad Clinic. The lab’s work inside the clinic was also checked, and the operational materials, surgical and dental sections were inspected.

The inspection visit followed up the contractual procedures regarding the maintenance and follow-up of the procedures reached with the project management in the ministry. The committee also visited the Tobruk Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology, followed up on the progress of work and the difficulties and bottlenecks faced by the center.

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