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Rash of sewage in Mahdia

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A number of residents of the Mahdia district suffer from a rash of sewage, which reached their homes, forcing some to leave.

Mukhtar Mahalla Mahdia, Ali al-Qaidi, said that the problem of sanitation suffered by the city in general, and Mahdia in particular, can be summarized in two problems. The first is cleaning the main lines and sub-inspection rooms, and the second most important main station on the outskirts of the city. The problem is the lack of equipment – especially pumps outside the city.

Al-Qaidi said: “We have been working with the water and sanitation company at the Sabha office, but it is suffering from a lack of equipment. We wish the companies of the southern region to cooperate to find a temporary solution to this problem before it worsens. We demand the Presidential Council, the parliament and all concerned parties to intervene and address this problem.”

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