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Plastic waste in Lake Saraya Central Tripoli

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Lake Saraya suffers from negligence and lack of commitment of the authorities responsible for the daily and periodic cleaning of its water and the waste bins in that area. This led to the accumulation of a large amount of paper and plastic waste on the water and the accumulation of algae and stagnant water around. A large quantity of plastic waste was delivered by the water current to the side of the lake near the building of the Central Bank of Libya and another is held by the metal net installed on the water tunnel linking the lake and the sea shore.

One of the citizens said that he and his family head to the lake to escape the heat in the house during the power outages for long hours and lack of air conditioning. He also said that the appearance of the lake is disturbing, and the air smells rotten. Another citizen said that the ships in the nearby port throw their waste in the waters. So many things are floating – from oil to sheep.

The Municipality of Tripoli Center launched a clean campaign described as intensive sweep of roads and alleys and garbage collection. It ended on Friday after one week. A member of the municipal council and the official of the file of environment and health, Inaam Turki, was the campaign leader. The campaign included different streets but not the lake area.

In the past, the lake was emptied and cleaned completely every few months, and then re-filled with water.

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