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Environmental specialist presents proposals to solve oil pollution in Jalu and Wahat region

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Jalu

The environmental specialist, Nabil al-Tabariqi, has delivered a scientific lecture on the danger of the environmental pollution resulted from burning of fossil fuels in Jalu and Wahat region.

The deputy head of civil society coordination office in Jalu, Omar Al-Far, said that the lecture was about the oil pollution process in the areas of production.

He explained that al-Tabariqi had worked in several Gulf countries and environments similar to the areas in Jalu and Wahat region where he presented proposals and solutions to the problem of pollution.

He added that al-Tabariqi’s proposals and solutions would be applied in Jalu and Wahat region to oblige the oil companies to maintain environmental standards and apply the principle of community partnership and safety of the region.

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