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First conference of Engineering and Technology Sciences in Garabulli

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The first Conference of Engineering and Technical Sciences was held on Tuesday morning titled “Horizons of Engineering Sciences between Reality and Challenges of the Future”.

The conference is held in the media compound in the city of Qarabully, organized by the Engineering Colleges of Qarabully and Al-Khamis under the auspices of the two colleges. The conference lasts for three days.

The conference program included a number of topics in ICT, electronic and electrical engineering, chemical and oil engineering, industrial and construction techniques, materials science, engineering systems and sustainable development, and engineering management.

The head of the preparatory committee, Salehin Al-Oud, told #Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency that about 100 scientific papers were presented by several participants in the various competent authorities. This number is after the presentation to the Scientific Committee and the liquidation, which aims to focus on the new developments in the technical fields.

The exchange of ideas and experiences among academics and the role of engineering colleges and technical institutes in actively contributing to the development of scientific research and linking them with relevant institutions were topics.

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