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First conference of engineering and technical sciences

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The first conference of engineering and technical sciences under the theme “Horizons of Engineering Sciences between Reality and Challenges of the Future” concluded on Thursday. The engineering colleges of the village of Garabulli and Al-Khums organized it under the patronage of the two companies of Melita oil and gas and the Libyan Iron and Steel.
The conference was attended by the Dean of Al-Muraqeb University, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Garabulli, and a number of academics, researchers and interested in this field. The conference lasted for three days. The conference program included 100 scientific papers for researchers and researchers on a number of topics in ICT , electronics and electrical engineering, chemical and petroleum engineering, industrial and structural technologies, materials science, engineering systems, sustainable development, and engineering management.
Participants in the conference made several recommendations, including the use of scientific research in industry, agriculture and energy, encouraging cooperation between colleges and research centers, providing the appropriate environment for scientific research in the various engineering fields, and working on creating links between engineering disciplines and joint work. In the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sabratha at the same time next year, and published the conference’s research on a large scale in order to raise the classification of our universities, the involvement of undergraduate and postgraduate students to participate in such events.
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