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Director of Curriculum Center: Textbook ready beginning of academic year

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The Director General of the Center for Educational Curriculum and Educational Research Al-Tahir Al-Habib said that the textbook will be accessible to students of basic and secondary education within the first week and the beginning of the second week of the academic year.

He explained that the Ministry of Education has sought to develop the curricula of the basic education stage from the first to the seventh grade. The number of books for mathematics has been reduced and the curriculum modified, the curriculum of science has been modified as well. Further, the curriculum of the national education curriculum has been added to the subjects of history and geography, the Libyan and Islamic history in the understanding that a curriculum supports the national identity of Libya, and can raise awareness among students about the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of Libya.

Al-Taher pointed to the addition of English as a basic subject of the curriculum for basic and secondary education, and the development of the curriculum to be practical rather than theoretical.

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