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Alahlia University and the Indian University of Medi-Caps held a virtual seminar on excellence and creativity

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Janzour

Alahlia University in Janzour, Tripoli and the National Association for Outstanding Students and Talents held a joint virtual seminar with the University Medi-Caps in India on excellence and creativity.

Students of both universities exchanged their projects and expertise.

Libyan student Taiba Allobi from the Department of Architecture presented an engineering design for an airport, while Moataz Dardira from the English Language Department presented his Apple Developer Documentation.

The director of the Scientific Research and International Cooperation Center at Alahlia University, Ahmed Attia, told the Libyan Cloud News Agency that the university is trying to involve its students in scientific discussions and seminars, and it’s seeking to sign cooperation agreements with several research centers.

Attia praised the presentations of the distinguished students, including the design of the airport.

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