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5th Libyan Conference for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and 1st Conference for Science and Technology held in Janzour

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Janzour

The University of Tripoli Alahlia in Janzour hosted on Saturday the 5th Libyan Conference for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the 1st Conference for Science and Technology.

A number of representatives of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Tripoli, the Forensic Medicine Department of the Ministry of Justice, the Council of Medical Specialties, the Faculty of Economics, Bani Walid University, Faculties of Law and Arts in Al-Zawiya, and the Faculty of Engineering in Sabratha took part in the two conferences.

The participants discussed in a number of sessions issues related to science and technology, and business administration.

A mini-workshop was held on the sidelines of the two conferences in which the works of students of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning were presented, through models of a group of projects.

Conference President Ahmed Attia told the Libyan Cloud News Agency that the two conferences aim to collect ideas of Libyan researchers in various disciplines and from different regions of Libya.

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