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Turkish Ambassador to Libya confirms previous agreements

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The Minister of Economy and Industry, Commissioner of the Government of National Accord, Ali al-Issawi, received the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Libya, Ahmed Dogan, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tripoli, in the presence of the Director of Foreign Trade.

The Turkish ambassador said that his country is ready to stand with the Libyan state to promote the national economy, and it is closely following the economic reforms supervised by the ministry and its impact on trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. He stressed the need to activate previous agreements and the return of Turkish companies to work in Libya.

The Minister of Economy expressed his keenness on the need to facilitate the movement of citizens between the two countries and the abolition of visa for Libyan citizens to increase opportunities for trade exchange. He expressed the ministry’s readiness to facilitate the procedures for extension and renewal of licenses of Turkish companies in Libya.

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