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The United States expresses concern over oil closures

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tunisia

The United States expressed deep concern by the continued oil shutdown, saying it is depriving Libyans of substantial revenue, contributing to increasing prices, and could lead to electricity blackouts, water supply problems, and fuel shortages.

In a statement, the US Embassy in Libya added that the damage the shutdown is causing to oil infrastructure will cost Libya additional millions, risks an environmental disaster, and could impact the country’s ability to utilize this infrastructure in the future to reach its full production potential.

“Responsible Libyan leaders must recognize that the shutdown harms Libyans throughout the country and has repercussions across the global economy, and should end it immediately.” Read the statement.

The United States reminded Libyan leaders of the multiple UNSCRs that protect the National Oil Corporation, reaffirming commitment to work with Libyan leaders on a mechanism that will give the Libyan people confidence that the country’s revenues are being distributed for the benefit of the Libyan people.

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