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The project of railways waits to be reactivated

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Under Ghadafi Libya signed contracts with Chinese and Russian companies to build a railway network in Libya.

The network should connect the east to the Ras Ajdir in the west (1764km), and a single south line extending from the Hishah in the North to Sabha in the South (796km). The total length of the railway network is 3170 km, including all connections.

The head of the media and relations respective department, Ali Ibrahim, told #Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency, the northern line of the project has two contracts, one with China Technical Technical Engineering from Ras Ajdir to Sirte and from Hishah to Sabha. The second line from Sirte to Benghazi was signed with the Russian company for implementation.

Companies started their work under the supervision of international consulting offices, but after the events of 2011 the executing companies left the country. “We are currently waiting for their return to activate the contracts and continue the work. We are in touch with the companies in this regard”, Ibrahim said

He said that the model of the railway train located at the project headquarters gate in Tripoli. It was working at a distance of 4 km and it was sabotaged and parts were stolen, as a result of the events in the country. Now it’s suspended and it needs to be maintained.

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