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Restaurants serving Libyan cuisine are spreading in different countries of the world where Libyans find a new home. The Libyan Mohamed Bakouche from the city of Tripoli, owner of the “Tajine” restaurant in the Ben Ashour area, is one of the young Libyans residing in Turkey. He went there as a tourist where he noticed a large presence of the Libyan community in Istanbul. He got the idea to open another, a second “Tajine”. Barouche told the LCNA, that the main reason to establish a Libyan restaurant was the large number of Libyans in Istanbul – especially traders, businessmen and those who left Tripoli because of the war. “For me the situation in Libya was very difficult due to the conflict and I have found encouragement from everyone to establish this restaurant here in Istanbul thanks to the previous restaurant “Tajine” in Ben Achour, so I prepared the place and thank God I even have more customers than before”, Barouche said. “There are no problems in terms of administrative, financial and tax procedures, but there is a basic condition,” he added.

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