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Lecture on the production of olive oil with good specifications in Nalut

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On Thursday at the lecture hall of the Higher Institute of Science and Technology in Nalut, a lecture entitled “The quality of olive oil, the reality and the required” was held by Hadi Ashour Khalaf as part of the program of the 2018 public water event and on the occasion of the International Day of Food.

In cooperation with the Friends of the Environment and Heritage Association of Benalut, the National Society for Water Science and Technology and the Libyan Federation of Consumer Protection Associations.

The lecture dealt with the olive production series with good specifications and the factors that affect the quality of the oil, including the olive variety and the maturity of the fruits. Further factors that affect the maturity of olive fruits in terms of date of flowering and holding fruits are the exposure to light, age of trees, weather conditions, soil and various agricultural transactions.

The lecture also dealt with the practical methods of harvesting olives and the common mistakes in the harvesting process. The methods affect the fruits and production in the season. The correct ways to store oil and the specifications of the containers in which the oil is stored was also addressed.

At the end of the lecture, participants called for holding more lectures and agricultural meetings for their importance in the development of farmers and the agricultural sector in the region.

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