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Impact of economic reform decision on services of Al Madar Al Jadeed Company and Telecommunications

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Director of Information and Public Relations Office at Al Madar Al-Jadeed Company, Mohammed Badairi, gave an interview to #Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency about the expected results of the new economic reforms policy adopted by the Government of National Accord on the services provided by the company in particular and the telecommunications sector in general.

The state will have an impact on them through the new exchange rates, especially as they depend on the appropriations through which the equipment is imported from outside Libya and thus the opening credits will be calculated at any exchange rate.

Badairi said that “the capacity we are renting for the use of international telecommunications, which has a provider in Libya, is the international telecommunications company. This period was affected by the change in the international call rate as a result of the pricing that we received from the international telecommunications company. The change in the exchange rate has had a significant impact on the change in the price of the minute in the company of the orbit of international communications and will affect the roaming, as the company changed the price by the margin of profit you add every time, but found the number is very large, especially in international communications.”

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