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General Union of Air Observers salutes World Meteorological Day

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The General Directorate of the Civil Aviation Authority, “Nasreddine Shaib Al Ain”, member of the Presidential Council, “Mohammed Al-Amari”, in the presence of the Minister of Transport, Director of the Air Navigation Directorate “Mohammed Bakkar”, President of the General Union of Air Control, “Mohammed Al Busaifi,” a number of staff and staff of the Department and guests.
The program included presentation of speeches on the occasion and a visual presentation showing the work of the air traffic controller at airports and its importance
The union also honored the Minister of Transport and a member of the Presidential Council and a group of workers and retirees in the Authority.

“I congratulate all air controllers in Libya and the world on this occasion and on their hands, because the work of the air controller is important, accurate and dangerous,” he said.

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