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Airlines: Increase of price

#Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency – Tripoli.

Libyan airlines held a press conference on Saturday to explain the reasons for the increase in ticket prices: They followed the economic reforms of the Government of National Accord GNA of September 13, 2018 including the amendment of the exchange rate, to which airlines were not excluded.

The chairman of the board of directors of the Libyan Air Company, Abdul Ati Al-Mesheikhi, said that everyone knows the decision of the Presidential Council, which imposed fees on the exchange rate of foreign currency and that the operations of aviation require large expenses in foreign currency. Therefore the company hat remittances and obligations abroad to take care of, when the exchange rate increased. Whenever a plane takes off in the air, expenses such as air transit costs, landing at airports, passenger taxes, fuel, logistics, aircraft insurance, spare parts, etc. have all been paid in hard currency. He added, that they tried to keep the increase at a minimum in order not to be a burden for the citizen.

The evidence, he said, was that the increase of price among the companies Libyan Airways remains the lowest.

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