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Agriculture Sector Tocara distributes 860 quintals of improved barley to farmers

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On Tuesday, the Agriculture, Livestock and Marine Sector launched a distribution of a batch of Tunisian red barle. It is estimated at 860 quintals to farmers within the administrative boundaries of the municipality of Tokara, which they received through the General Authority for Agriculture, Livestock in the interim government.

“The amount received was distributed to farmers at relatively reasonable prices compared to the very high prices in the parallel market, where the price of one kantar is 260 dinars.”

Adel explained that the sale price of the farm is 170 dinars per quintal, and the share of each farmer has been determined between 10 and 15 quintals for each farmer and that the purchase amounts were received from the farmers in advance and registered in the lists and lists Organization to maintain smooth and system distribution process.

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