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First exhibition of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic decoration in Tripoli

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The first exhibition of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic decoration was opened on Saturday at the Libya Museum in Tripoli. It is titled “Four years of ink and gold” by the calligrapher Ali al-Busaifi and the first Libyan gilt for the line and decoration.

The head of the General Staff of the Navy, and some figures from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a number of people interested in the art of calligraphy and Islamic decoration were present.

“The idea of the exhibition is the product of a four-year work, which included about 15 paintings of the addition of the leaves that I obtained through my participation in many international exhibitions,” said the calligrapher Ali al-Busifi. The exhibition named ink and gold as a sign for the calligrapher who used the ink and gilded gold, a trader says that the ornament is the calligraphy.

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